About us

After arriving in the Netherlands in 2018, Mohamed soon found out that finding a job was not easy. His experience was not lacking; with more than a decade of work experience as an operations manager at Emirates Airline, he was used to working with more than 70 different nationalities. In addition, he had already gained experience in customer contact and logistics.

Fortunately, he is not the type to be easily thrown off guard. He saw an opportunity for the Egyptian agricultural market and started a VOF in 2019 through which he brought fresh fruit from Egypt to Western Europe as a middleman . During its three years of operation, the VOF achieved success in importing and exporting fruit, multi-species strawberries. Four years later, he has built a fine network and the reputation of a professional of integrity who conducts business with transparency.

This success created bigger dreams. In 2022, Mohamed started Uniproducers with a small team. A serious business, with the potential to create an even larger network of producers and buyers. Currently, Uniproducers offers a wide range of soft and frozen fruits. The past 4 years have shown that there are still many opportunities for Middle Eastern growers and cooperation with Europe.

What we want to mean

In the Middle East and Africa, being a farmer is becoming increasingly difficult. High agricultural costs and scarce incomes result in little investment in industry. This is where we would like to do our part. We do this through collaboration that results in knowledge sharing, process optimization, clear communication and fair and prompt payment.

Farmers join hands to do business together with us, creating a collective way of working. This is a big change from the current way of working. From individual farmers to a collective working together for a better agricultural industry for all.

We know there is a reputation within the industry about doing business in and with the Middle East and Africa, specifically Egypt. We want to make a postive change in that, too. Collective cooperation contributes to this. Through our years of experience and our own background in both the Middle East, Africa and Europe, we are the partner to bridge and provide:

Vision for the future

Unfortunately, gender equality is not yet universal. So too in the Middle East and Africa. Within the agricultural sector, we want to change this. Through training and collaborations with growers, we also want to give women within this sector a good opportunity.

Appointment = Appointment

We are committed to integrity. We stand for clear agreements and a transparent supply chain. For both our suppliers and customers, agreement = agreement.

Fair prices

To encourage innovation and ensure that it pays to be a farmer, we ensure that growers receive fair prices for their produce. As well as prompt payment after delivery of their product.

Multicultural background

We know there is a reputation within the industry about doing business with growers and exporters in the Middle East and Africa, specifically Egypt. With our years of experience and our own background in both the Middle East, Africa and Europe, we are the partner to bridge the gap between the two regions.

Food safety & inspections

We do ongoing quality control checks with the growers, so we make sure you get a quality product that meets all European standards.

Long-term relationships

Our company is fundamentally a family business with the accompanying culture of short lines and open communication. We have good control over the supply chain and a way of working together that is focused on the long term.

Our Team

Mohamed Osman

Founder & Partner

Mohamed is initiator and visionary of Uniproducers. It is his vision and experience that make the company unique. He himself is involved daily in the company in sales and marketing as well as project management, import and export.

Ilona de Groot

Co-founder & Partner

Ilona is partner with Mohamed in several ways; in addition to being a life partner, she has also been a business partner since the start of the VOF. Like him, she pursues a dream beyond a thriving import and export business. From her role, she is involved in research, communications and takes care of much of the administrative process.

Suzan van Klink

Co-founder & Partner

Suzan and Mohamed are both inspired and socially engaged types, so they clicked immediately. With her investment and know-how in startups, she ensured that the company got a real kick-start. She also supports Uniproducers as a consultant.