One of the most popular fruits to take on the road is the apple. Therefore, apples come in many different varieties and flavors. From sour to fresh and sweet, there is an apple variety for everyone. From hand apples to firmer apples perfect for pies and desserts, we offer a wide range of high-quality apples. Check out our full range below.

Granny smith

Availability: Sept - Apr

The light green Granny Smith apple is a crisp and fresh hand apple whose taste is best described as fresh and sour.

Golden Delicous

Availability: Sept - Jun

The Golden Delicious is a yellow to light green apple with mildly sour to sweet flavor and a firm bite.


Availability: Sept - Jun

The Gala apple is a light to dark red crisp hand apple with a sweet and aromatic taste.


Availability: Sept - Jun

The Jonagored is a firm apple with a sweet and sour taste. With this, the apple is similar to the Jonagold, but has a redder color due to a color mutation.


Availability: Oct - Jul

The Idared is a yellow-green apple with a red blush with low sugar content and a sour taste.